I started working at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, with the University of Basel, in January 2018. I am working in the Infectious Disease Modelling unit to model what drives resistance to malaria vaccinations. Key words: Ross-McDonald model, drug resistance, selection window, treatment rates.

From August to December 2017 I travelled around South America. I befriended many llamas and donkeys, and saw some of the most breath taking landscapes. (I also got e-coli and in huge debt.) Key words: Galapagos, salt flats, Huayhuash, big W trek.

From January 2014 to July 2017 I worked at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford University. This was a collaboration with Scottish and Southern Energy as part of the Thames Valley Vision project, funded by Ofgem. The aim of the project was to prepare  the UK for a low carbon future, where there are more electric cars and solar panels. Together with my ever-patient Husband, we made our first stop-motion video to summarise the grand scope of the project.(3 min). Some more serious videos are available here. I’m the sixth video (4min). Key words: time-series forecasting, genetic algorithm, clustering, finite-mixture model, agent-based modelling.

From April 2012 to December 2012 I worked at the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group at the University of Melbourne. I worked on inferring extinction of species based on the sighting data, or features such as size and density. Please see my old post for more information. Key words: Bayes, cure-rate model, unsuccessful surveys, openBUGs

I completed my PhD titled Modelling time-dependent partial differential equations using a moving mesh approach based on conservation in 2011 at the Department of Mathematics, University of Reading. I developed a moving mesh approach to solve partial differential equations, including a model for tumour growth. Key words: finite differences, finite elements, diffusion, semi-implicit time-stepping schemes.

tamsin.lee@swisstph.ch | tamsin.e.lee@gmail.com | @t_e_lee



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