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From December 2013 I will be working at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford University. 

My focus will be working with Thames Valley Vision to forecast domestic energy usage, with one day a week dedicated to ecology projects. Specifically completing the projects outlined in my Research Interests and Publications .

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Since April 2012 I have worked at QAECO developing mathematical models for ecology problems.

I have studied mathematics nearly all adult life. My masters and PhD focused on numerical methods. For my PhD I developed a moving mesh approach to solve partial differential equations, including a model for tumour growth. The biology application interested me, and inspired me to continue my research bridging the gap between mathematics and biology. I appreciate a good story to motivate the mathematics, and enjoy working with people from different research backgrounds. After completing a short project at the Centre of Mathematics for Human Behaviour (http://www.reading.ac.uk/CMOHB/research/cmohb-research-general.aspx) where we modelled brain activity as a large evolving network, I moved to Melbourne.

tamsin.lee@unimelb.edu.au | tamsin_lee@hotmail.com | +61(0)3 83448091 | @t_e_lee



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